Professional Services

How do you sort out which combination of carriers will best meet your complex transportation requirements?

Ocean Tender Transportation Procurement Solutions provides a collaborative approach for selecting the best carriers and service providers to achieve a significant difference in your profitability and customer satisfaction. By optimizing your carrier bid process, you can reduce procurement expense, improve transportation service, and fully understand your transportation demands. Analyzing carrier proposals isn't easy.  The Ocean Tender Solution eliminates the manual aspects so you can re-allocate your time to strategically making the right decisions while overcoming constraints such as price, service level, volume discounts, and other logical challenges.

Ocean Tender is a powerful, Web-based solution for transportation procurement sourcing and lane segment analysis. An easy-to-use tool to determine which combination of carriers and service providers will best meet your complex transportation requirements. Whether you are looking to bid out your entire network or just individual lanes, you can announce bidding events, receive and analyze bids and award contracts—all online with Ocean Tender.

Freightgate Professional Services includes:
•  Available for all customers
•  Design of the tender format, development of negotiation strategy
•  Complete creation, distribution and management of your Tender
•  Covers the complete tender cycle from data gathering up to carrier selection
•  Best practices consulting and training available to users
•  Access to industry experts with in-depth experience with the Tender process

The Ocean Tender Team will work closely with your traffic department to help collect and evaluate data, build a best-fit procurement model, make recommendations, oversee the bidding process, and analyze "what-if" scenarios.