Our Solutions

Ocean Tender is a powerful, Web-based solution for transportation procurement sourcing and lane segment analysis. An easy-to-use tool to determine which combination of carriers and service providers will best meet your complex transportation requirements. Whether you are looking to bid out your entire network or just individual lanes, you can announce bidding events, receive and analyze bids and award contracts—all online with Ocean Tender.

OceanTender has ‘intelligent’ and flexible options:
All you need to use our solution is a PC and Excel. 
Upload and download your tender proposals quickly and easily through excel.
Review the carrier responses

Customize the results
Show results in your preferred currency, surcharges to be included or excluded.
Use a range of our powerful tools to ensure you can view and compare carrier proposals, by multiple service criteria.

Highest level security
As an industry platform, Freightgate protects your data for internal and external use. We use state-of-the-art security controls and encryption that manages user access and controls what data is available internally and externally.

Freightgate Network
OceanTender offers shippers and their carriers, web support and on-site training to make the transportation procurement process faster and more efficient providing greater convenience, improved accuracy and more control over the procurement process.

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